Barrett Hospital Health Fair, Dillon MT

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barrett-hospitalCream of the West was invited to show our healthy wares at the Barrett Hospital Health Fair.  We left home in 75 temperatures, wearing our  spring jackets, and drove through rain that turned to snow.

Brrr!!!  One would think that Montana natives would know enough to pack warm coats, gloves and boots.  Not!  Lucky for us, the atmosphere inside Dillon’s beautiful hospital and healthcare facility was warm and friendly.  Lots of folks stopped by to sample our 7-Grain Meatloaf, Crunch Parfaits, Oat Muffins and Cowboy Porridge Cookies. We had  great fun listening to people’s stories about growing up eating “Cowboy Cereal” and talking with them about the health benefits and versatility of whole grain!   The hospital offers  Cream of the West cereal, 7-Grain Buttermilk Flapjacks and Montana Crunch Parfaits on their menu.

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