Cream of the West, A Branded Product

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Branding is a common practice that indicates ownership. Using brands as marks of identification has occurred at some point in all countries and civilizations. Ranchers have been branding their livestock for hundreds of years making them easier to separate at round-up time. Brands consist of letters, numbers, characters and symbols. Brands are not just used for animals, however; they are also found on products. Many manufacturers try to build their brand so it gets an image and is easily recognized. For example, Cream of the West uses the cowboy image and is renowned as the ‘cowboy cereal’. In Harlowton and the surrounding areas, farming and ranching is the way of life, and also what supports Cream of the West. A few brands from the region are:

Moore Livestock and Partnership:      moore1

John Whelan:                                 john-whelan

The Winnecook Ranch:                    winnecook

Lauretta Berg:                             laurettam-berg

David Pump:                                  david-pump

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