December Hike

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(republished from foliageNeeding some fresh air, a break from all of our indoor Christmas activities, and a reason for Sanford to try out his new camera, we took a family hike to the top of the butte (wherein “the butte” affectionately refers to the portion of Two Dot Butte that falls within our ranch boundaries). More accurately would be to say that Rachel took a hike to the top of the butte, about a 2.75 mile trek.

View toward Coffin Butte; Rachel and Leonard mid-hikeThe original game plan was for Rachel and I to start out from the house on a hike. As she is a 21-year-old in great shape, and I am a…in so-so shape, I told her to just go on ahead of me whenever she felt that I was holding her back. That was the third step. I followed her for about 200 yards, struggling through soft, sandy snow, and decided it was time to catch up with the guys. They were in Big Red (which is actually green) and the rest of the game plan called for them to meet us – the hikers – now just Rachel – at the top. We caught up with Rachel and Leonard (the cow dog) about half way up, meandered the rest of the way, and met her at the top. One hour, 10 minutes flat. All in a day’s work 🙂

Sanford "over the edge" about his new camera; Crazy Mountains; Rachel always with a smile; Steve looking yonder; Rachel taking iPhone videosThe top of the butte is one of our favorite spots. We can see Big Elk Creek to the south, the middle portion of the Crazy Mountains to the southwest, the town of Martinsdale and Martinsdale Reservoir to the northwest, the Belt Mountains to the north, the Snowy Mountains to the northeast, and check water in “the basin” below. So after taking some great photos and reflecting on life’s pasts, presents, and futures, we all gathered up in Big Red/Green and headed for home.

Late afternoon sun setting behind pine treeHappy New Year to all! May 2013 bring you amazing treks, beautiful views, tranquil reflections, and family harmony.

~Susan and Alicia

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