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Hal and I  became fans of Cream of the West products when we lived in Idaho. We relocated back to upstate New York in 2002 after Hal found himself jobless after 32 years working as a Quality Assurance Engineer for a company when they consolidated and moved to Pittsburgh. He brought back boxes of cereal and kept them in the freezer; it represented his touch of the West.

One day in January 2012, with box in hand, Hal talked with Alicia and said, “I’m excited about planting the seed and the opportunity to represent you and help you get a market started in the North East”. With Alicia’s blessing, Hal planted the first “seed” at the local Hannaford Supermarket. To date, he’s contacted over a dozen major food and restaurant chains on the East Coast, including Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market, Publix, Denny’s and Whole Foods, to name a few.

Hal and I believe in the “personal touch” approach and present a “double whammy” when representing Cream of the West as a team. After Hal explains the benefit of the Cream of the West products, I add a feminine touch by explaining what the “all Natural” benefit of the Cream of the West products mean to me, which adds a new dimension beyond just another “sales pitch”.

We are sold on the excellence and integrity of the Cream of the West product line and its management team and staff, and are excited and proud to be East Coast representatives for Cream of the West.

~Hal & Pat Oakes

P.S.  We feel SO very lucky that Pat and Hal have chosen to make Cream of the West their personal mission.  With their dedication and perserverance, we have no doubt they’ll land an account soon.  We’ve dubbed them “The Mighty Oakes!”


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