What makes a family tradition?

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What makes a family tradition?  Is it a time of year?  The people who gather?  The activities?  The food served?  A particular location?  I’m not really sure.  What I do know is The Moe-Down is our family tradition.

IMG_2533The Moe Family and friends have been gathering for a 4th of July picnic (aka The Moe-Down ) for 6 years.  Attendance ranges between 20-35 relatives, friends, kids and dogs.   Over the years, people have come from New York, Washington, Oregon, North and South Carolina, Illinois, North Dakota and, of course, Montana.  One year we even had five family members from Norway.

We bump over a rutted trail to our preferred location– a shady meadow beside a creek –and unload an abundance of delicious food, camp chairs and a hammock.

Eating, napping, hiking, bird watching, visiting, and stream wading are the featured activities.

I guess what makes a family tradition is something that’s worth repeating:

The Moe-Down meets that criteria!

What’s your family tradition?  Please share it with us!

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