Is Eating Gluten Free For Everyone?

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We found this post recently and thought it contained some good information.  Enjoy the read!

Whole-Grain Fact Check!

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My mother believed in good nutrition. She fed her family a steady diet of healthy food –often to our chagrin. “Know what you are putting in your body,” was one of her mantras. Those words came back to me this week when I read “The truth about whole wheat and whole-grain bread” in Time magazine. The article confirmed much of …

How Oats Are Processed (or, All Oats Are Not Created Equal)

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Sorting out the differences among thick oats, quick oats, groats and steel-cut oats is mind boggling to say the least. The growing conditions and how oats are processed account for big differences in nutritional value, texture, cooking time and even taste. “Do you or I or anyone know how oats, peas beans and barley grow?”. Oats grow on stalks with the kernels …

Low cholesterol breakfast

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Looking for a low cholesterol breakfast? The hearty, flavorful goodness of Cream of the West Roasted Wheat comes from only one ingredient: Montana high protein hard red spring wheat. This is the original “cowboy porridge” that Montanans have loved since 1914. Our roasted wheat is low in fat and rich in fiber. It is 100% natural with no added salt, …

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for kids!

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I have vivid memories of sitting at the breakfast table, staring at a bowl of oatmeal, while my mother threatened: “You have to eat your oatmeal before you leave for school.” “When I’m in charge of my life,” I remember thinking, “I will NEVER AGAIN eat breafast!” Little did I realize then how much my mother know about nutrition. The …

Health Benefits of Honey

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I’ve recently been interested in the health benefits of honey. In the course of my research, I’ve noticed several, consistent reasons why we should incorporate more honey into our diets – besides its yummy taste! Since we have an excellent source for honey here at Cream of the West, I thought I’d share my discoveries. Honey possesses large amounts of …

Short Health-Related Articles

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I have come across numerous sources for some very interesting short health-related articles.  Follows are a few of my tried-and-true favorites and others that have caught my eye: VitaminStuff – First on the list is an article on the benefits of chocolate! Prevention – By now you may have guessed that this website is my all-time favorite! It changes daily …

Flu-Prevention Articles

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Heading into the heart of flu season finds us searching for preventative measures. Read on for a list of recent flu-prevention articles. Prevention – 9 Power Foods That Boost Immunity – Oats and barley, number 2 on the list, appear to have a type of fiber, beta-glucan, with more antimicrobial and antioxidant punch than echinacea, says a Norwegian study. For the …

More Health Related Articles

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I don’t seem to be getting any younger, so lately I’ve been reading up on health, especially as it pertains to incorporating more whole grains into our diets, and I’ve come across some very interesting articles.  Follows is a list of some interesting tidbits: Health Related Articles WebMD – Breakfasts for Strong Bones – COTW says, “use milk instead of …

Breakfast Cereal History

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Breakfast Cereal History As it turns out, breakfast cereal had its origins because of the vegetarian movement of the mid-1800’s. The first commercially successful cereal was manufactured in Akron, Ohio, and made from oats. Granola got its roots from a biscuit made of ground-up wheat, oats, and cornmeal, invented in 1877 by John Harvey Kellogg. That beginning led to the …