Flu-Prevention Articles

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Heading into the heart of flu season finds us searching for preventative measures. Read on for a list of recent flu-prevention articles.

  1. Prevention – 9 Power Foods That Boost Immunity – Oats and barley, number 2 on the list, appear to have a type of fiber, beta-glucan, with more antimicrobial and antioxidant punch than echinacea, says a Norwegian study. For the sake of your good health this winter, order extra supplies of “Montana Crunch”, a tasty, nutritional, and possibly flu-fighting, oat and barley snack. Pair twice a day with number 1 yogurt for a double boost of immunity!
  2. Suite 101 – 10 Ways to Boost Immune Health – Squeeze lemon juice into your herbal tea, cut back on sugar and caffeine, don’t skimp on protein, nurture yourself, stock up on raw fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water (no brainer), and GET OUTSIDE!
  3. Fox News – 9 Ways to Boost Your Immune System – Massage, relax, listen to music, laugh, sleep…this is my kind of immunity building! Bottom line – reduce stress and eat healthy.
  4. World of Mysteries – 12 Vital Foods to Boost Your Immune System – We’re seeing many of the same flu-fighting foods over and over. This article adds pumpkin (or pumpkin seeds), ginger, oysters, and turmeric. I’m thinking pumpkin bread made with freshly grated ginger and a pinch of turmeric – pretty, too!
  5. CNN – Arm Your Immune System to Fight Flu – This article advises lean protein, healthy fats, an array of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and plenty of rest.

Brilliant detective that I am, I see a pattern beginning to emerge. Eat a variety of healthy, whole (never processed) foods, exercise daily (preferably outside), drink plenty of water, and pamper yourself!

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