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I don’t seem to be getting any younger, so lately I’ve been reading up on health, especially as it pertains to incorporating more whole grains into our diets, and I’ve come across some very interesting articles.  Follows is a list of some interesting tidbits:

Health Related Articles

  • WebMD – Breakfasts for Strong Bones – COTW says, “use milk instead of water to cook your hot cereal or make a breakfast partait using yogurt, Montana Crunch, and fruit.”
  • Prevention – ‘Bone Vitamin’ Booster – Orange juice can be just as effective as milk as a vitamin D booster.
  • Everyday Health – What’s So Great About Whole Grains? – This is a great article and a great site.  It covers the definition, recommended daily servings, and cooking ideas of whole grains.
  • Prevention – Fuel Weight Loss/Fight Diabetes with Fiber – Another Prevention article suggesting 12 easy ways to get your fill of fiber (what a great site!).  Fiber is one of their “Fat Fighting Four” supernutrients – found in – you guessed it – ALL of COTW’s products!
  • Heart Healthy Women – Fiber and Grains – Another great site targeted specifically toward women’s heart health.  This article covers the difference between whole and refined grains, and the benefit of eating more of the former.

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