Our Whole Grain Cereal List

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RW-Centennial-BoxFor more than a century, Cream of the West has been bringing whole-grain nutrition to the breakfast table. The hearty, flavorful goodness of our hot cereals comes from quality grains grown on the high plains of Montana. Here is our whole grain cereal list:

Roasted Wheat. Since its discovery in a ranch-wife’s kitchen near Billings, Montana in 1914, our Roasted Wheat cereal has been milled and roasted using the same unique process. Now, 100 years later, “Cowboy Cereal” is a Montana tradition. Our recipe is simple: we source Montana hard red wheat and retain the entire kernel in our milling process, resulting a creamy, smooth, and easily digestible cereal. A light roasting enhances and sweetens the delicious, natural flavors of the wheat.

Roasted 7-Grain. The healthy benefits of our Roasted 7-Grain cereal originate in a perfect combination of seven Montana grains: high-protein hard red spring wheat, oats, barley, rye, triticale, soft white wheat, and spelt. Blended together and lightly roasted, these fiber-rich whole grains produce a cereal that is nicely balanced for maximum natural nutrition and richly satisfying flavor.

Roasted Ranch Oats. The ingredient list for our Roasted Ranch Oats cereal is uncomplicated and our process straightforward: 100% whole-grain oats, thickly flaked, then gently roasted to bring out their robust, natural flavor. Though they take a bit longer to cook, you’ll be rewarded with “stick to your ribs” old-fashioned nourishment.

100% Organic 7-Grain. Our 100% Organic 7-Grain cereal is a blend of seven, non-GMO certified, 100% organic grains. A light roasting and gentle tumbling of these high-quality, whole grains brings out their nutty flavor and crunchy texture. We guarantee you a delicious bowl of hot cereal accompanied by the nutritional benefits of organically grown grains. Our blend comprises organic hard red spring wheat, organic oats, organic barley, organic rye, organic triticale, organic soft white wheat, and organic spelt.

In Montana, we take pride in our simple values and common sense. For over 100 years, we’ve been milling, blending, and roasting our cereals using the same unique process. Because we retain the entire kernel in our milling processes, it is not necessary to fortify our cereals. All of our cereals are naturally low in fat and rich in protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, essential amino acids, and iron. We never add salt or sugar, or use preservatives.

At Cream of the West, we are committed to sustaining our bountiful lands, supporting our agricultural communities, and making healthy, wholesome hot cereals that are naturally delicious. Our guarantee to you is satisfying flavor and exceptional nutritional value. It’s a difference you can taste!

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