Sip, Ponder, Jot, Plan, Succeed.

Sip, Ponder, Jot, Plan, Succeed.

New Year’s Eve is a very pivotal holiday.  The stroke of midnight marks the end of another year, and a split second later that magical feeling floods over us feeling like sparkles and new promises. But now what?!

I am personally not a fan of New Year’s resolutions because by definition resolution means a firm decision to do or not to do something. Decision making is obviously necessary, but New Year’s Resolutions are often hurried, brash and unrealistic, making them a well-intentioned but brutal way to begin anew.  

Rather consider a nicer “R” word, Reflection, meaning serious thought or consideration. It is enjoyable. Simply take a moment to yourself this week, bring a notebook and a pen. Make or buy a beverage because sipping enhances the pondering you’ll be doing.  Coffee, Tea, Kombucha or a Cocktail, no judgement, and you already know you need to drink more water so get a glass of that too.

Now, ask yourself raw and real questions: What did you love about your life last year, and what did you dislike?  Sip. What’s on your bucket list?  Sip. What goal are you stoked to accomplish?  Who would you enjoy spending more time with?  Brain dump onto your notebook page.  Now is not the time to worry about penmanship, and yes, doodles are permissible. Sip.  Just let your brain free flow.  You will likely be surprised to read the messy heartfelt thoughts and inspiring ideas that are inked in this moment.  When your thoughts are jotted, put your pen down and read them.  Sip. 

Choose one or two that Really matter to you and think about how to incorporate them into your life.  Then write an action plan with a built-in timeframe to become successful, this is SO important that I’ll repeat it… Ultimately you need an Action Plan for each goal to become a reality.  Without such a plan, inspired thoughts will soon be forgotten, they just will. But with a bit of planning, many successes can be celebrated throughout the year, so sip, ponder, jot, plan, succeed, repeat...

~Crystal Manuel

owner, Cream of the West

P.S.  Vision casting and Idea generating come easy to me but bringing them to fruition has required learning about goal setting.  I will be practicing more of that this year.

Search Pinterest or the internet for Action Plan templates to make success achievable in 2024! Here's a great one.