Our Story


Once upon a time… many years ago in a ranch kitchen in the middle of Montana… the first batch of CREAM OF THE WEST cereal was cooked and eaten. Since that beginning in 1914, CREAM OF THE WEST whole grain hot cereal has become a Montana staple.

In 2002 seven ranch families bought CREAM OF THE WEST, loaded it into our stock trailers and grain trucks and moved it to Harlowton, a small rural town at the foothills of the Crazy Mountains. We did it because we believed in sustainable agriculture and wanted to bolster the struggling economy of our agricultural community.

While our owner-numbers have shrunk, CREAM OF THE WEST has continued to grow. And we’ve learned a lot about manufacturing and selling high quality, whole grain products.

We’ve learned that consumers really care about their food. You want to know where your food comes from. And you want to buy nutritious, good tasting food at an affordable price.

We’ve learned how to get our products into your hands. Even high quality products like CREAM OF THE WEST whole grain cereals and Montana Crunch don’t sell themselves. We’ve updated our website so you can find us easily. And we’re getting CREAM OF THE WEST onto more store shelves, beyond the borders of Montana.

Most importantly – we’ve learned why CREAM OF THE WEST is going stronger than ever after nearly a century. The hard red spring wheat, soft white wheat, triticale, oats, barley and rye – our cereal’s ONLY ingredients – are grown on the high plains of Montana and are known world-wide for their superior quality and high protein content.

Every whole grain kernel is packed full of the nutritional benefits of iron, fiber and protein. Nothing more – no added sugar, salt, or preservatives, and no cholesterol. You get a healthier heart, stronger bones, controlled weight, and more energy with every bite. Our special 100-year-old roasting process gives you that deliciously rich, whole grain flavor.

Generations of Montanans grew up eating “Cowboy Cereal”. Our goal at Cream of the West is to add more people and more products! We hope you’ll choose CREAM OF THE WEST as your first, best, nutritious, and delicious Taste of Montana. End of story… or, is it just the beginning?

Happy, healthy eating from the CREAM OF THE WEST Crew.