Spreading the word

I grew up in Montana eating Cream of the West and I loved it! For years after I moved to Seattle, I looked for it whenever I visited Montana. I’ve told my friends here about it and got them buying it too. I hope Albertson’s never stops stocking it and I intend to send them an e-mail thanking them for stocking it. Thank you for your wonderful cereal. I still love it!

Tye M. February 12, 2015

Better than good

My first experience was from my dad buying this at the local grocery store and making it the following morning. I did not know what to think because it had all the stuff saying it was going to be healthy. At 12 years old all I wanted was sugar stuff all the time. Well to my surprise it was better then good, it was awesome. If you want to be healthy and understand the ingredients and know [that] what you are eating is from Montana, this is the breakfast for you. Enjoy and be healthy for life.

Ian R. February 12, 2015

Keeping the tradition going

We are Cream of the West lovers and glad you were willing to keep the tradition going. Much success.

Pat B. February 12, 2015

Great service!

Thank you very much for the prompt attention to sending our order of the [Roasted] Wheat cereal. We truly do enjoy this cereal for our breakfasts and occasional other meals. Thanks once again.

Kitty B. February 12, 2015

Bringing back the good memories

My parents live in Lewistown, Montana, and they gave me a box of your 7-Grain cereal. WOW!! It is delicious!! It reminds me of the cracked wheat cereal that my dad would make for breakfast while I was growing up. Thank you for bringing back good memories and for a yummy breakfast!!

Polly W. February 12, 2015

A favorite for 80 years

Cream of the West has been a favorite of mine for 80 years since you were located on 1st Avenue South in Billings, Montana. Best wishes for your future.

Quintin S. May 14, 2014

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